Refurbishment of ETFE roof on Georg-Arnold-Bath, Dresden, Germany

Since September 2016, Temme // Obermeier is renovating the more than 20 year old ETFE foil cushion roof of the time-honored Georg-Arnold-Bad in Dresden, commissioned by Dresdner Bäder GmbH.

This construction was already built in 1996. However mainly the technology, adapting structures and gutters are being renewed here. The ETFE roof itself will be replaced in small pieces only. Whilst most of the ETFE foil cushions remain, mainly the air supply system is replaced by a significantly energy-saving version. Also air supply channels and cabling will be exchanged according to the newest technical guideline. You see on the picture that in some cases “the air is out”. The works will be finished in December 2016, the general renovation of the entire swimming pool will last until May 2017. We will continue to report.