Assembly of the ETFE foil cushion pyramid completed!

Temme // Obermeier was chosen to design and install the unique pyramid.

It is fondly referred to as the lighthouse, on BP’s new flagship building complex. The pyramid at almost 17 m long is encased in bespoke triangular cushions on four sides - it is a veritable membrane masterpiece!

The 33-tonne steel framework of the pyramid was hoisted onto the roof of BP building in mid-July ready for the turnkey installation of 60 triangular ETFE foil cushions by Temme//Obermeier.

This breathtaking pyramid covering approximately 930 m² utilizes a four-layer ETFE foil cushion system that gives the building complex a unique light-flooded atrium and enhances comfort for the building users.

Temme // Obermeier is proud to have installed this challenging and complex membrane project, which required extensive detailed design from start to finish – the sophisticated end result is testament to our dedication and skill.

Watch the movie about the project here!