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Tradition, Tradition

Temme // Obermeier celebrates its 11th anniversary this year.

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Assembly of distinctive ETFE foil cushion pyramid completed!

Temme // Obermeier was chosen to design and install the unique pyramid,

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Another TO project receives award

Het-Gelder-Huis is the winner of the Dutch Steel Construction Prize 2018

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Why choose us?

We are experts for tensile and membrane architecture - our experienced consultants, designers, engineers and technical specialists offer a wide range of professional services that bring membrane architecture to life. At Temme // Obermeier, we help clients solve ambitious design and technical challenges to deliver efficient and sustainable architecture.
We have over 20 years of experience encompassing building facades, roofs, trade fair stands and stadia. With Temme // Obermeier, you will find a reliable and experienced solution-oriented partner. We are committed to delivering projects to specification on time and on budget. We have an impressive portfolio of reference projects that demonstrate some of the design masterpieces that membrane bring to life.